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Talaria Sting Gearcase Vent

Talaria Sting Gearcase Vent

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  • Protect your Sting gear box from water, dirt and mud intrusion while still allowing your gearcase to breath
  • Molded Snorkel top tube is the primary defense at keeping the nasty stuff out of your oil
  • A CNC anodized check valve keeps the oil in your gearcase when the bike falls over but still allows air to flow when under pressure from heat expansion and contraction
  • Available in 6 colors
  • A simple 5 minute install


Talaria MX3 and MX4 Warp 9 gearcase vent installation instructions:

Locate the gearcase vent routed from gearcase up along frame. For MX4 models you will need to remove the pinch clamp if it’s still installed. To do this, remove the line from both clamps and release the pinch clamp and the stock one-way valve, then slide clamp off hose.

Next, loosen the top allen bolt securing the vent clamp just enough to remove the line. Before cutting gearcase vent, install the Warp 9 gearcase vent system on the top clamp.

Finally, cut the gearcase vent hose to length, approximately 52mm/2inches from top of bottom clamp. Install the vent hose as far as possible onto valve.

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